Nunchuck Taylor


NUNCHUCK TAYLOR is a premier party and dance band from the Sacramento area that offers a wide variety of roof-shakin’, good-time music.  If you want your event (wedding, private party, club booking, etc…) to be all about great music and big fun then forget about the usual suspects. You need NUNCHUCK TAYLOR on the case. Our M.O. is delivering excitement, entertainment and big fun! 

The NUNCHUCK TAYLOR song list knows no boundaries.  From legendary rock standards by AC/DC, Van Halen and Billy Idol to pop and dance favorites by Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, and Flo Rida, there is something for everybody.  We love to transition between dance, rock, pop, hip-hop, even country, all in our own ”NUNCHUCK″ style.

NUNCHUCK TAYLOR is fully self-contained, and can provide all the power needed to deliver state of the art sound to almost any venue, indoors or out.  We can also provide professional lighting to help create the right ambiance for any type of dance party or rock and roll extravaganza! 

With an established and ever growing group of loyal followers, NUNCHUCK TAYLOR will bring the party to your venue.


Premiere Productions  (415) 244-0709 / (925) 560-9990