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This band is the real deal, and has rocked the house for big names like Cisco, Yahoo, YouTube, and the giant halls in Vegas; plus ballrooms, clubs, and amphitheaters all across the USA… They are also the back up band for 80’s giants like Vince Neil of Motley Crüe, Howard Jones, Curt Smith of Tears for Fears, and Tone Loc. The musicianship of this band is impeccable, and includes incredible singers that rock! They are energetic, experienced players who have a repertoire that spans the full spectrum of 80s radness and well beyond, from disco to classic jazz…

Notorious is known for their positive attitude, hip youthful style, and their ability to connect and interact with an audience, as well as their amicable relationship with event planners and coordinators. Modern Bride magazine and The Knot have declared Notorious one of California’s best wedding bands!

This band puts on an amazing, electrifying show, one not soon to be forgotten, as their many fans will attest…

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(415) 244-0709 / (925) 355-5090