Apple Z

Sporting a roster of seasoned musical veterans from every genre yet known, Apple Z is making friends and influencing people all over California and beyond with unique and clever treatments for the timeless catalog of popular music everyone knows and loves. Apple Z is a shiny new band with vast performance experience in all types of venues and formats due to the members many diverse musical projects. Casino gigs, club gigs, private parties, special events and weddings are all places Apple Z feels right at home. The band puts a strong emphasis on professionalism and making sure your event is smooth sailing from stem to stern. On-time sound checks, easygoing attitudes, and reliable equipment are hallmarks of an Apple Z show.  Ask about Apple Z’s Stage Call karaoke nights – sign to their live band!

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In addition to providing a non-stop high energy four man show, Apple Z has the power to transform into an acoustic duo of lower volume events, and even a one man DJ mode for virtually any type of event. Apple Z is also happy to announce a perfect collaboration with famed Sacramento area artist, Amy Anne. Amy Anne, a multifaceted, beautiful and passionate about rock performer joins Apple Z for special performances and events. This artistic fireball has been performing throughout the greater Sacramento area for over a decade. Original artist, songwriter and performer, Amy Anne has been a member of several of Sacramento”s most renowned bands including Love Train, SAMMIE Hall of Famers, Xenophilia and Hip Service. Born to perform, Amy Anne has shared a stage with such notable Sacramento rooted musicians as John McCrea and Gabe Nelson from CAKE and also charmed musical contemporaries including Jason Mraz who touted her band, Xenophiliia as “classic undercover Americana at it’s best.” Amy Anne released her first solo CD, Super Girl, in 2005. Her song Johnny Depp is a cult favorite and has spurred countles tribute videos on You Tube.

The members of Apple Z feel truly fortunate to have found each other and are eager to share their enthusiastic performances with the rest of the world. For an unforgettable evening of musical magic, select Apple Z for your event and see why they continue to impress audiences of all kinds.

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