Rick Heizman

Rick tux guitar 2

Rick Heizman is a professional multifaceted musician residing in San Francisco. He is a much-in-demand and highly regarded guitarist equally proficient in jazz, classical, Brazilian, and new original styles. Rick is a popular choice for corporate and private events including weddings. He typically performs solo, duo or trio, with a variety of instruments.

Rick is a composer who has written for guitar and many instruments, including World instruments and has produced, performed, and recorded his works. He is also a freelance teacher.

Rick has traveled many times to far corners of the world absorbing music and culture, doing projects, and collecting and studying many instruments and world music. He is a world-instrumentalist who has studied and plays other instruments such as, dan tranh (Vietnam), saung gauk (Burma), ud (Middle East), tar (Persia), kora (West Africa), and mbira (Zimbabwe). As a musicologist, Rick performs styles including Baroque Trio Sonatas, or German Baroque lute music.

A recording artist, he has recorded numerous CDs of his own works – both as a Western musician, and as a world musician – and has contributed to various other projects. As a producer, Rick has done some very interesting recordings, particularly in the country of Burma. He has produced, recorded, and documented the bulk of Burmese traditional music available in the world for a number of record companies, including Smithsonian.


(415) 244-0709 / (925) 355-5090