Jacqui Naylor


Jacqui Naylor

The velvet-toned San Francisco vocalist, equally at ease singing music by Cole Porter and David Byrne, performs songs from her new CD, Dead Divas Society, Naylor’s bouquet to the departed singers who’ve inspired her, among them Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse, Shirley Horn and Nina Simone. Far from a straight-laced jazz purist, Naylor has made the mixing (and sometimes “smashing”) of genres and eras her stock-in-trade, gaining fans and notoriety for singing lyrics to jazz standards over the chords and rhythm of well-known pop and rock songs. Born in Saratoga, Naylor used her early 90s study with renowned vocalist Faith Winthrop as a springboard to her rise as a world-class artist and bandleader, recording nine self-produced albums which have made “top 10” lists in USA TodayJazziz and The Washington Post. In 2012, Naylor was the subject of a full-length documentary film, Lucky Girl, which traced her evolution as an artist and the making of her 2011 album of the same name. 


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