Fog City Jazz

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It was in the 1860’s that the Barbary Coast, San Francisco’s fabled den of iniquity, got its name.  But the here and now Fog City Jazz Ensemble performs classic Barbary coast music with all the zeal and zest of yesteryear.  The authentic flavor and vibrancy of early San Francisco is recreated as Fog City strolls throughout the party attired in period shirts, bowties, vests and straw hats.With a repertoire that includes such classics as ‘Ain’t She Sweet’, ‘Bye Bye Blues’, ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’ and ‘Honeysuckle Rose”, and instrumentation that consists of banjo, tuba and clarinet, it’s no wonder these fellas are the top of the pops when it comes to the real deal. Fog City Jazz can also be the perfect background jazz compliment setting the scene for any cocktail soiree or dinner party.

Fog City Dale

 Fog City Barbary Coast

Fog City Jazz



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