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The music is one of the most important elements to your event. Our specialized DJs know that each wedding has its very own personality with tastes as varied as sands on a beach.

Whether your styles are classics and contemporary, rock to hip hop or the latest top 40, our DJs are determined to play your list! Think of your selected DJ for the night as your private, personalized playlist performer.

The DJ at your wedding will also act as facilitator and keep your schedule flowing – from speeches and cake cutting, to the bouquet toss and the all-important first dance.

• DJ Matteo

• DJ Cams

•Miss DJ Lux

• DJ RemEddy

• DJ Dave Gillis

• DJ Be (Benny Be)

• DJ Nick Foster (Karaoke)

• DJ Paul Martell

• DJ Tom Thump

• DJ Maestro

Video DJ

• DJ Jeff Chong


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