web-1Caricaturists capture the moment and provide long lasting memories of your event. Customizing your paper or printout adds branding and additional recognition of your function.

Our caricaturists can be traditional – medium and paper – or electronic with direct emailing to your guests in addition to a hard copy printouts. 


Electronic Caricaturists

Electronic Caric 1Electronic Caricaturists artists leave their French easels and chalks at home, arriving at your venue with state of the art equipment your guests and clients have likely never seen in action. The artists draw on either iPads or other digital tablets with large 32″ LED screens, displaying every stroke of the stylus, giving onlookers an intimate inside view of the artistic process. Caricatures are completed confidently and quickly, so that a vivid full color print is in the hand of the subject, start-to-finish, in as little as five minutes.


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