bud-e-luv_lg_categoryBud is back! With his loyal band-mates Mikey Luv and Markey Luv, Bud is a bona fide Las Vegas performer. He will charm you with his fantastic show biz tales and knock you out with his incredible vocal renditions of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darrin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. Come for the exciting mix of comedy and terrific musical talent.

Bud E. Luv does lounge with a capital L. He packed ’em in in Las Vegas when it was a sandy wasteland. He’ll rip through “Mac The Knife,” belt out “It’s Not Unusual,” and croon “Danke Schoen.”

Bud E. Luv was there at the beginning. He’s the first to tell you he put the cucumber in Tom Jones’ trousers, told Sammy Davis to lose the patch, and got Wayne Newton hip to collecting horses.

He says he wrote “Freebird” for Lynard Skinyrd, “Whole Lotta Love” for Led Zep, and “Jump” for Van Halen.He owned the Copa. He married his fifth and seventh wife on the Merv Griffin show. E = MC squared is the formula for his success: Entertainment equals money and chicks squared. Bud E. Luv will tell you “never scratch anything in public” and “your pants should be so good, they could do the show without you.”


(415) 244-0709 / (925) 355-5090