Amazing Embarrassonic


Amazing Embarrassonic Human Karaoke Machine

The Amazing Embarrassonic is an interactive, live karaoke show unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  You’ll sing along with a LIVE three-piece rock band—no pre-recorded cheesy tracks, just good old fashion, live rock-n-roll. Choose from a variety of over 500 songs: classic rock, punk, pop, classic country and more.  It’s the ultimate way to live out your rockstar fantasies.

The Embarrassonic got their start in the dive bars of The Mission—the first ever Live Karaoke band on the West Coast. Fast forward over 10 years and what started as a fun side project has grown into one of San Francisco’s most popular and successful live acts, playing venues ranging from El Rio, Ruby Skye and Bimbos, to AT&T Park and the Shoreline.

The Embarrassonic is perfect for: holiday parties, bonding with co-workers, large-scale events, “American Idol” style competitions, weddings, special occasions and more. Unlike regular karaoke, watching your friends and co-workers sing along with a live band is every bit as fun as singing yourself.

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